Upper Peninsula Duck Camp

Pete Wyckoff will be headed north in early October for the Quacker Wacker annual Duck Camp.  ALthough the location is secret, I will be sure to post the results from our camp.  We hunt grouse and woodcock for a day and ducks for 2 days. Camp should be exciting this year as my family will be stopping by to check out how we are doing and we will have 6 hunters in camp.  Belle and Gordon Setter “Sparty” will be doing the lions share of the bird locating and retreiving for the group.  The cool fall should bring some migratory birds down for camp and we are excited at the possibility of a hunt focused around mallards, wood ducks, black ducks and ring-necked ducks. Check back in mid October for an update on how Duck Camp goes.

We are fully booked for this year’s layout hunts, but it’s not too early to inquire about next year!