Early Teal Season

Captain Christian and Peter Wyckoff traveled to the west side of Saginaw Bay for opening Day of the Experimental Teal Season in Michigan.  We scouted on Sunday night and saw very few teal flying around the marsh.  Monday morning revealed 8 other parties within view.  It was a beautiful warm morning and Belle was enjoying the early hunt hanging in the marsh beside us.  As shooting time came and went, we decoyed numerous flocks of mallards and a few wood ducks, but no teal were seen in the marsh until after 8:30 am.  Making sure we identified the teal before shooting, we passed on the first two singles and were rewarded with more birds later.  The highlight of the morning was a flock of green-winged teal that pin-wheeled around us from behind and made a low and slow pass through the decoys.  For the hunt, we bagged 5 GWT and 3 BWT and couldn’t have enjoyed a more scenic hunt.  Pictures will follow soon.