Opening Weekend pond hunt

Hunted opening morning with my Dad and college friend Chris.  Chris had never duck hunted before so I walked him through the process of buying a license and duck stamp.  The night before the opener we went through the entire regulation book and talked about different bag limits for different species.  It was fun to see the excitement in the new Quacker Wackers eyes.

Opening morning was picture perfect with woodies and mallards landing in the decoys before shooting time.  Once shooting time arrived it was quick and steady action as wood ducks buzzed by and mallards swung in.  Once things settled down and the dogs retrieved the birds we hardly had time to sit down when the first flock of geese arrived.  Chris couldn’t believe how big they looked!  Needless to say we killed a limit of geese in the first two flocks and called it a day.  We spent the next few hours cleaning all the birds–all part of the hunt.   I told Chris how spoiled he is and how I need to take him on a late season hunt to give him another perspective.  He is hooked.